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Civil Cases


We locate and interview potential witnesses.  We conduct searches for records that could be either beneficial or damaging so you know what is out there.  We conduct searches for assests.  We locate material that could assist in the settlement of your case.  We are able to perform much of the work freeing up your time for Court appearences and trial preparation.

  Personal Injury, Domestic Disputes, Wrongful Death, Environmental and Pharmaceutical Cases

Criminal Cases


We have experience in capital and other major felony cases in multiple jurisdictions.  Our involvement in these cases includes, but is not limited to; the review and timelining of all discovery for accuracy, the collection of any and all records involving the client's social and family history, the preparation of a social history timeline, interviewing factual and social history witnesses, locating and establishing contact with various expert witnesses as may be required and attempting to maintain effective communications and relationships with all parties.


We have worked in State and Federal Courts.

Capital Murder, Felony Murder, Multi-Defendant Drug Conspiracy Cases, and other criminal charges

Why do you need a trial consultant?


If you are an attorney in the midst of jury selection or a trial, you are focused on your witnesses and the representation of your client as you should be.  YOU ARE NOT FOCUSED ON the body language of prospective jurors, the interaction of the jurors, the possible exchange of looks or signs between jurors and victims families, improper communication between various individuals and even what witnesses have said in communication with us or in their own reports.  WE ARE YOUR EYES AND EARS!

   Assisting you in trial preparation and at your trial for a more positive outcome

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