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 About Us_ 

Managed by Cheri Hodson & Cari Rountree

State of Alabama Licensed Private Investigator


Founded and dedicated to the loving memory of Joseph Post in September 2012.


Ms. Hodson has been an investigator since 1992.  She began her career in Indiana relocating to Alabama in 2005 where she had the honor of working for the Federal Defender Middle District of Alabama until 2012.  


Ms. Hodson has handled many difficult and high profile capital, major felony and civil cases., prior to coming to Alabama.  Her cases have been featured in major metropolitan newspapers, The National Enquirer and the New York Times.  Since she established her practice in Alabmaa the working of complex and high profile cases has continued.


Ms. Hodson believes the most difficult part of her job is to "get people to discuss with you the secrets they have never shared with anyone else in their lives.."  Which is the very core of mitigation. 


The development of this interviewing skill has been very helpful in working all types of cases and obtaining the necessary information.

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